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The Wireless Set No 38, Mk2 or Mk2*
The set is a light man-pack RT set, simple to operate and carried in three portions

The set itself, the signals satchel, and the canvas aerial case containing rod aerials.
It has a frequency band from 7.4 Mc/s to 9 Mc/s and an effective range up to half-a-mile with the 4ft rod aerial
and up to two miles with the 12ft rod.
The complete station , including spare battery, weighs 27.5 lbs.

The Mk2 and Mk2* models are externally similar except that the rubber test button and aerial current indicating lamp
provided on the Mk 2 are not present in the Mk2*

Internally the Mk2 oscillator send-receive tracking circuit is modified to the Mk 2* circuit to produce a reduced
difference between send and receive frequencies with change of temperature.

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Rod aerials :-
Four aerial rods F sections are provided, one being spare.

When using a 4ft rod aerial, place the thinnest section in the small aerial socket.
When using
a 12ft aerial, fit three sections together and place the thickest section in the large aerial socket.
The aerial circuit is automatically tuned either for a 12ft rod in the large socket or a 4ft rod in the small socket;
an 8ft rod should not normally be employed.

Ground aerials :-
When in close contact with the enemy, the rod aerial is much too conspicuous and therefore
a ground aerial should be used.
For most wireless working it is just as satisfactory as a rod aerial.

A ground aerial consists of a length of insulated wire laid out in a straight line,
one end being attached to the adapter plug which should be fitted into the large aerial socket.

The other end is left free and pointing if possible, in the direction of the distant station
or as a second best, in the opposite direction.

Manual and Circuit
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No earth connection is necessary and the set can be on the ground or at the bottom of a trench,
or in the usual carrying position, or on the  move with the wire trailing along the ground.

Power  Supply :-
The set requires 150 volt HT and 3 volt LT supply, this may be supplied by a dry battery
( batteries, dry, HT,/LT. No 1 or 2 )

The HT current consumption is 16 mA on send and 9 mA on receive and the LT current consumption
0.48A on send and 0.24A on receive.

The power for the set can also be supplied by Power Supply Unit No 5, this is used for special
operations in order to conserve battle batteries, or in an emergency when batteries are not available.

The Power Supply Unit No 5 has a 6 volt  accumulator, vibrator and a hand driven charging generator.

The unit is arranged for transport as a man-pack.

In the course of WW2 similar and more powerful man-pack radios were developed for the army,
while towards 1945 trials were carried out with fully tropicalised miniature sets.

After 1947 the set was replaced by the wireless set No 88 ( on which development had started in 1944.

The Information Consists of  the Following
Service Information and Operating Instructions

Circuit diagram 
Components and values 
Top chassis view 
Bottom Chassis view 
Valve Base Connections
Plus and Sockets 
Working Instructions
How to Connect for retransmission with 19 Set 
Fault Finding 
How to make a Mains Power Supply

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
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Wireless Set No 38 Mk11 Mk11* Mk 11 Mk 11* MkII MkII* Mk II Mk II* WS No 38 Mk2 Mk2* Mk 2 Mk 2* Mark Two Walkie Talkie
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