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405 Line TVs  in Black and White was the standard when I started in the trade.

 Monochrome High Definition TV started in 1938 transmitted from Alexandria Palace in London.

Many of these old BW Television sets are now in the hands of enthusiasts.

I started my working life round 1961, at a TV and radio shop called RC Wallis in Fieldend Road Eastcote Middx .

TV's like this Bush TV 80 mains portable were the latest thing in 1958, all valves of course.

This one still works though the VHF 405 transmitters are long gone, watching the static on the screen you half expect Richard Dimbleby to appear.

Another early 405 set of about the same time made by GEC.

I remember this model well with it's sliding doors.

Again it still works even after all those years.

The Vintage 405 line TV sets below are courtesy of 405 Alive

 An organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of  Black and White 405 Line TV's.

All these lovely old TV's were seen running at the
 Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio rally held at Wimborne in Dorset.

Black and White at its best, these tinted screens gave the set a magical quality.

Well they did to me anyway : )

TV7.jpg (18959 bytes)

A very popular 405 line Bush BW TV.

With a bakelite cabinet.

TV8.jpg (22139 bytes)

13 channels but only two available in each area BBC 1 and ITV.

TV9.jpg (25264 bytes)

This Black and White Ekco was one of the first mains and battery sets.

12 volt direct current or 240 AC mains, all valve 405 only 13 channels VHF.

TV10.jpg (29119 bytes)

A Stylish set with full screen the controls were on the side.

405 lines only.

TV11.jpg (22837 bytes)

Another modern looking set for its day.

With a real plywood cabinet.

TV12.jpg (27017 bytes)

The Philips Tevette 405 / 625 Black and White portable mains only.

With rotary UHF tuning for BB2.

TV13.jpg (28817 bytes)

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