Avo Universal Measuring Bridge Type 1 & Type B

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Avo Universal Measuring Bridge Type 1 & Type B

The “AVO” Universal Measuring Bridge Type I & B is one of the most quick to operate instruments of its type.

Measurements of inductance, capacitance, resistance and insulation are made over 76 ranges.

The leading design features are as follows :—

Avo Universal Mesuring Bridge Type 1.jpg (18276 bytes)

1. The instrument has been designed in such a manner that the point of balance can be found extremely quickly.
One sweep of the main calibrated dial covers four decades and assures a rapid search over the ranges provided.
An automatic scale expansion device selects either of the two lower accuracy decades of the main scale, thus enabling measurements at these parts of the scale to be reproduced at the full scale accuracy. 

2. The instrument measures resistance using d.c., capacitance and inductance using a I ,000 c/s signal generated by an internal oscillator.

3. Inductance measurements can be made without balancing difficulties resulting from the use of the Balance and “Q” controls.
On this Bridge, initial balance can be obtained for inductance and final balance given by the calibrated “Q” Balance control.

4. An extremely sensitive Valve Voltmeter is used as the Bridge Indicator, feeding a moving coil meter and provided with a Variable Sensitivity control, in order that balance sensitivity can be varied to suit the degree of out of balance condition of the Bridge.
When measuring resistance, the meter assumes a centre zero position at balance and when off-balance the indicator shows the direction in which the main Potentiometer control must be moved to bring the Bridge into balance.

5. A wide range of extremely useful insulation (leakage) ranges are incorporated, leakage currents being directly indicated on the moving coil meter.

Insulation test voltages can be obtained from 5-450V d.c.

6. The internal capacity of the instrument has been eliminated electronically, thus enabling capacitors down to a few pF to be measured without the necessity of subtracting the value of the internal strays from the reading given by the instrument.

7. External resistance, capacitance and inductance standards, can be used in conjunction with the Bridge circuit.
Two ranges are available, viz., ± 10 per cent. of the value of the external standard, and a wide range enabling comparisons to be made up to 100 or down to 0.01 of the value of the external standard. The comparator scale (± 10 per cent, of external standard) will be found to be most useful.
A divergence of I per cent. represents approximately 0.5 in. (1.25 cm.) on a linear scale.

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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Avo Universal Measuring Bridge Type 1 & Type B Operating Manual
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Working Instructions Including the Circuit Diagram total of 31 pages
Manual 31 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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