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Contents : - Service information will normally have the circuit, component values, layouts alignment data, voltages etc, but occasionally just circuit and component values.

Manuals normally have all the above and a lot more. 

Delivery : - UK next day or day following.
Delivery : - Western Europe 3 to 4 days Airmail.
Delivery : - Eastern Europe 4 to 5 days Airmail.
Delivery : - Outside Europe 5 days Airmail.

Destinations : - By airmail to anywhere in the world.

Dispatch : - Alanna and I provide a personal service and take great pride in doing our very best for you in quality, promptness and the good manners of a generation gone by.

As soon as possible after receiving your order we will email you to confirm delivery time.

We often work into the evenings, at weekends and holidays, but on some occasions may not.

Orders will normally be the despatched the same day, but if not possible the next day.

Orders received after 5 pm UK will occasionally not be processed until the next day.

Orders received after 5 pm Friday, will sometimes not be processed till Monday AM to give us the odd weekends off.

(Though we still often do work over the weekend, we like the choice of having the time off occasionally.)

Format : - Service information and manuals are supplied as : -

Paper Copy loose leaf A4 size in a folder.
The folder protects the contents in the post as well as providing a storage medium afterwards.

On CD.

Or as a Download.

Not Listed : - Have we got information on equipment not listed on the website? 
Searching for data that we have not sorted or listed online has been taking up so much time we can no longer do it. 
We have decided rather to spend the time sorting it and listing it online.

Packaging : - A clear plastic sleeve inside the envelope plus a card folder keeps the contents clean and dry.

Payment : - A link is provided after most service sheets or manuals to a payments options page, here you can select either PayPal, or online credit card (SSL secure server encrypted). 
Card payment will automatically convert currencies. 
Cash or cheque in pounds Sterling, or a bank draft drawn on a UK bank, our address is at the payment link.

Printing : - By Laser Jet rather than ink jet, it gives a better copy and if you should get it wet it will not smudge.

Quality : - We run the business and do all the work, we go for quality not quantity.
It is not run to make a profit but as part of my hobby. 

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Refunds : -

We go for  quality but if you were not happy with the service sheet or manual we supply a full refund would be happily given. 

We often send data out before a cheque is received, that is the way we like to treat people.

Selling Prices : - E.g. how much can I sell my wireless for ?  I would love to help but there are only so many hours in a day, we have thousands of service sheets to list online this along with scanning in data takes all the spare time we have.

Why not post your request on our Military and Amateur Radio Free Ads : -

Post for sale wanted or information requests at these Links : -
Or have a look through the Free Ads at this Link
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Spares : - Valves are easy to obtain from :-
Wilson Valves. 28 Banks Avenue, Golcar, Huddersfield, HD7 4LZ. Tel. 01484 654650 
Colomor (Electronics) Ltd. 170 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8HJ. Tel. 0181 743 0899 

Drive Belts
Originals would be hard to find and age would have taken its toll, I have cut a longer second hand belt to size and glued to fit using Super Glue, it works well. Various rubber seals found at builders merchants can also be used.

I found this advise on the internet a while back, it should work.

Quote "Look in Yellow Pages for industrial belt and drive fittings. They sell lengths of synthetic rubber belt material or various sizes, some sell very small diameter that is perfect for the job. They will also sell industrial grade super glue "cut" your own belts & super glue them together it does work well". End Quote. 

Scrap recorders even of a different make are always worth having as the belts though stretched may well fit another model.

Kenwood products
Spare Parts Mail Order Company. 

Fullers Electronic Services LTD
Riverside View
Wickham Market
IP13 0TA

Tel no: 01728-746500
Fax no: 01728-746900
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 9.00 to 5.30 Friday: 9.30 to 4.30
Web-site with link - www.carradiorepairs.co.uk 

Other spares have a look through the free ads
Alternately you are most welcome to place a wanted ad 
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Telephone : - All communication is done via email, partly because of the world wide 24 hour nature of the website and cost. 
We  have run businesses for many years and are taking things a little easier now, this is an interest. 
The telephone can be very intrusive when you are in the middle of something and it rings, email is checked many times a day and answered promptly. 

Visiting : - At present my radio collection is a private one. 


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