Heathkit Mobile Receiver HR-20 HR20

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Heathkit Mobile Receiver HR-20 HR20


The HEATHKIT Model HR-20 Mobile Receiver is designed to receive SSB, AM, and CW signals on the 80 through 10 meter amateur bands.
Although this Receiver is intended primarily as a companion unit for the Model HX- 20 Mobile Transmitter, equally good results may be obtained in fixed-station applications when the proper power supply and antenna are provided.

The 8-tube circuit of your superheterodyne Receiver has a basic sensitivity of less than one microvolt at a usable signal-to-noise ratio.
A geared-down dial mechanism provides smooth accurate tuning of the slide-rule scale for each band. 

Sharp selectivity and good image rejection are obtained in the 3 mc IF circuit by using a hermetically-sealed lattice-type crystal filter.
Also an AVC controlled S meter is provided on the front panel to indicate received signal strength.

There are connectors on the rear panel of the Receiver for a 50-75 ohm antenna, operating and control voltages, 8 ohm speaker, and 500 ohm earphones.

HR20 Front View.jpg (22342 bytes)

HR-20 Receiver

Manual with Circuit
Component Values &
Alignment Details Below
As a Download

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Frequency Coverage 

80 Meters - 3.5 to 4.0 megacycles.
40 Meters - 7.0 to 7.3 megacycles.
20 Meters - 14.0 to 14.35 megacycles.
15 Meters - 21.0 to 21.5 megacycles.
10 Meters - 28.0 to 29.7 megacycles.
Intermediate Frequency 3 megacycles.
IF Crystal Filter Mid-frequency 3.0 megacycles.
Bandwidth - 3.0 kilocycles 200 cps at 6 db maximum.
Bandwidth - 10.0 kilocycles at 60 db minimum.
Sensitivity 1 microvolt or less, at 10 db signal-to-noise ratio.

Panel Controls 
AF GAIN, power OFF.
Main Tuning.
BAND switch.

Rear Panel Connectors
Antenna (ANT) 50-75 ohms.
Power (PWR).
Speaker (SPKR) 8 ohm.
Earphones (PHONES) 500 ohm.
Meter Front panel S meter indicates received signal strength.

Tube Complement 
6BZ6 - RF amplifier.
6EA8 - Mixer-oscillator.
6BZ6 - First IF amplifier.
6EA8 Second IF amplifier and "S" meter amplifier.
6BE6 - Product detector - BFO.
6BJ7 - AM detector - AVC - noise limiter.
6EB8 - First audio - audio output.
OA2 - Voltage regulator.

Power Requirements 
Filaments: 12 V at 2.5 amp AC or DC. 6 V at 5 amp AC or DC.
B+ Voltage: 275-350 V DC at 85-125 ma.
Total Power: 63.5 watts.

Cabinet Size
6-1/8 high x 12-1/8 wide x 9-15/16 deep.
Net Weight
16 lbs.
Shipping Weight 19 lbs.

HR20 Top View.jpg (23910 bytes)

HR-20 Receiver

HR20 Bottom View.jpg (28914 bytes)

HR-20 Receiver

Manual with Circuit
Component Values &
Alignment Details Below
As a Download

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The Manual Consists of  the Following



Circuit Description.

Construction Notes.

Parts List.

Step-By-Step Assembly.

Initial Check.


HF Alignment Chart.

Cabinet Installation.

Mobile Installation.

Noise Suppression.

Noise Troubleshooting Chart .


In Case Of Difficulty. 

Troubleshooting Chart. 

Service Information.

Schematic Circuit.

Cables.jpg (32154 bytes)

Manual with Circuit
Component Values &
Alignment Details Below
As a Download

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Heathkit Receiver HR-20 HR20
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