Marconi Frequency Counter TF2431

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Marconi Frequency Counter TF2431


TF 2431 is a general purpose instrument suitable for measuring the frequency of signals in the band 10 Hz to 200 MHz.
Its versatile input buffer and amplifier incorporating a. g. c. has high tolerance of signal distortion and noise and ensures reliable operation over a wide dynamic range of input levels without the need for a manual control.

The counter has a bright 8-digit 7-segment 1. e. d. display with memory, automatic position of a decimal point, leading zero suppression and active indication of overflow, hold and external standard operation.
Push button switches select the resolution required, the maximum being 0.1 Hz over the entire frequency range.

Gate times are derived from an internal 10 MHz crystal oscillator or from an external standard if required.
The high-stability alternative version of the instrument, Code No. 52431 - 302N, is fitted with an oven-controlled internal 10 MHz standard.

Frequency Meter TF 2431.jpg (15509 bytes)

The Manual contains the following

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Data summary
1.3 Versions and accessories

2.1 Installation
2.2 Controls and connectors
2.3 Frequency measurement
2.4 Use of external standard
2.5 Self check procedure

3.1 Input amplifier gate and high speed decades
3.2 Clock selection and gate generator
3.3 Timing generator
3.4 Logic circuit
3.5 Switching
3.6 Display board

4.1 General
4.2 Fuses
4.3 Removing covers
4.4 Access to power supply
4.5 Adjustment of internal 10 MHz standard
4.6 Access to display board
4.7 Access to amplifier buffer
4.8 Power supply links
4.9 Power supply adjustment
4.10 Amplifier adjustment
4.11 AGC adjustment
4.12 Schmitt trigger adjustment

Chapter 5 Not assigned


Introduction and ordering
A0 Overall assembly
Al Function board
A2 : Display board
AlO Oscillator board
All : Oscillator board (high stability)
Miscellaneous mechanical parts

Circuit notes
Fig. 7.1 Interconnection diagram
Fig. 7.2 Function board
Fig. 7.3 Display board
Fig. 7.4 Oscillator boards

Frequency Meter TF 2431 2.jpg (9498 bytes)

Frequency Meter TF 2431 3.jpg (15465 bytes)

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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Marconi Frequency Counter TF2431
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual including circuits 11.00 total of 36 pages
Manual 36 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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