Marconi Modulation Meter
TF2300A TF2300AR TF-2300A TF-2300AR

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Marconi FM./AM. Modulation Meter TF2300A
Marconi FM./AM. Modulation Meter TF2300AR

Primarily for measurement of FM deviation but it also measures AM depth.

Positive and negative FM deviation can be measured in ranges from 1.5 to 500 kHz full scale at modulation frequencies between 30 Hz and 3.4 kHz on the 1.5 kHz deviation range and 30 Hz and 200 kHz on all other deviation ranges.

AM depth can be measured up to 95% in a 30 Hz to 15 kHz modulation bandwidth.

Either FM or AM can be measured in the presence of the other.

The unit can be operated from mains power or a nominal 24v battery.

Voltage regulation eliminates transformer tap changing except between 115v and 230v ranges.

On battery the regulation compensates for battery voltage variations between 21.5 and 30v.

Transistorized circuits consuming little current give reasonable length of operation on battery for mobile purposes.

Unit weighs 30 lbs-13.6kg.

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Manual with Circuits and
Layout Images Details Below
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The Manual Consists of  the Following

Data summary

Power supply
Preparation for use
Measuring F.M. deviation
Measuring A.M. depth
Measuring F.M. on A.M.
Measuring A.M. on F.M.
Noise measurements
Oscillator arrangements
Measurement in 1 to 2 MHz range
Asymmetric modulation and carrier shift
Use of  L.F. output terminals
Use of  I.F. output socket
Crystal selection
F. M. stereo measurements
Phase modulation and telemetry deviation
Stray fields
Decibel conversion tables

System operation
Power unit
Local oscillator
I.F. amplifier
Low-pass filters
1st L.F. amplifier
2nd L.F. amplifier
Peak reading meter
A.M. detector
Between-units circuitry on chassis

Access and layout
Performance checks
Component layout illustrations
Cleaning and lubricating

Fault location
Replacement of sub-assemblies
Replacement of components


Circuit notes

Inter-unit wiring
Mixer, oscillator and I.F. amplifier
Limiter, discriminator and 1st L.F.. amplifier
2nd L.F. amplifier and voltmeter
A. M. detector and calibrator
Power supply unit

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Manual with Circuits and
Layout Images Details Below
As a Download

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Marconi TF2300A TF2300AR
TF-2300A TF-2300AR Modulation Meter
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual with Circuits and Layout images 76 pages
Manual 76 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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