Heathkit Mohican Communications Receiver

Also the Mark 2 Version
GC-1U Mk 2 GC1U Mk II GC-IU Mk 11 GCIU Mark Two

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HEATHKIT Mohican model GC-lU & GC-1U Mk 2

A fully transistorized general coverage receivers, designed primarily for amateur and Short Wave Listener use.

Many new circuit components and design concepts were used to provide the amateur or Short Wave Listener, with a portable receiver having many features of the higher priced units.

Provision for external muting is included.

Reception of CW and SSB signals is made possible with the BFO, also featured is a slide rule dial, RF gain control, antenna trimmer, and calibrated band-spread on the amateur bands.

Mohican GC1U.jpg (20182 bytes)

Full Manual with Circuits
Details Below
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The Information Consists of  the Following :-

The Manual contains all circuit and layouts

Circuit Diagram 
Circuit Description 
Radio Frequency Amplifier 
Mixer Section 
Oscillator Section 
455 Kc/s IF Amplifier & Detector 
Audio Section 
Construction Notes 
Proper Soldering Techniques 
Chassis Wiring and Soldering 
Circuit Board Wiring and Soldering Step- By-Step 
IF and Audio Circuit Board Wiring 
Parts Installation and Wiring Chassis Base Assembly 
Front Panel & Dial Assembly 
Front Panel Wiring 
Dial Cord Assembly 
Cabinet Assembly 
Coil Pack Layout 
Receiver Alignment 
Preliminary Tests 
Alignment of the IF Amplifier 
Front End Alignment 
Band A Alignment 
Band B Alignment 
Band C Alignment 
Band D Alignment 
Band E Alignment 
BFO Alignment 
Tuning AM Signals 
Tuning SSB or CW Signals 
Fixed Station Receiver 
In Case of Difficulty 
Introduction to Transistors 
Glossary of Radio Terms 
Parts Illustrated 
Parts List

Mohican GC1U 2.jpg (21924 bytes)

Full Manual with Circuits
available Details Below
On Paper CD or Download

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Heathkit Mohican Communications Receiver
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download on CD or Paper Copy.


GC-1U Mk 2 GC1U Mk II GC-IU Mk 11 GCIU Mark Two.

(These are all the same two versions just different ways of writing them down)

When Ordering please state either the original version with no Mk No or the Mk 2 version.

The Original Version Manual Contains 70 pages including all circuits and layouts.

The Mk 2 Manual Contains 67 pages including all circuits and layouts.
Manual 67 - 70 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as Paper Copy on CD or as a Download

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