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Various Morse keys

I only wish I was more proficient in CW, but after having passed the Morse test at 12 wpm for my A amateur license, that was it apart from the occasional contact on vintage equipment.

To the right Model  Admiralty 7681
Complete with original lead and jack plug.

A more modern key used with Larkspur equipment.

Strapped to the leg, used I believe in aircraft.

Not an original but a modern replica the base is my handy work.

This nice old key is original but which peace of equipment it was used with I do not know.

This miniature key is part of the kit used with the Type A MK3 Spy set.

Bath Tub key no prizes for guessing how the name was acquired.

Morse Key Bath Tub.jpg (40310 bytes)

I call this the Mickey Mouse key as it has the code embezzled on its base.

Morse Key Micky Mouse.jpg (40458 bytes)

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