Mullard Serviceman's Oscilloscope

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Mullard Serviceman's Oscilloscope


The oscilloscope circuit described in this leaflet was designed to meet the need for a relatively simple but adequate instrument, capable of coping with most requirements of audio and television servicing.

The total cost of the instrument was kept low by the use of standard components and a low voltage c.r.t., the Mullard DG7-32/01.

This three-inch tube requires a final anode voltage of only 400 V; this is obtained from the same transformer that supplies h.t. to the rest of the circuit and therefore the physical size of the power supply required can be kept quite small.

Serviceman Scope.jpg (22770 bytes)

The Information by Mullard Contains the Following :-

Circuit Description

Circuit Diagram

Component Lists

Under Chassis View

Construction Details
Operation Instructions
& Circuit Details Below
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Mullard Serviceman's Oscilloscope
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Mullard Information of 8 pages including the Circuit with Component values.
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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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