RME69 Mystery Radio solved see below.

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A strange looking receiver with a hinged lid on the top. I forget where it came from but any information about it would be welcome.

Mystery Solved

My thanks to Terry Sanford. Torbay, Newfoundland who had spotted the same set on eBay and kindly emailed me the link.

Introduced in 1935, the RME69 was marketed to radio amateur experimenters and to commercial radio users.

It is a single conversion HF receiver generally described this way:

TUBES: Nine; one 6C6, five 6D6, one 6B7, one 42, one 80. 
Frequency range: 550 kc to 32,000 kc. 

Audio frequency power output: 3 watts in 4000 ohms or 600 ohms.

Band spread: continuous, electrical. 

Cabinet: 19" x 8.75" x 10.5" deep. Black crinkle baked finish with hinged top.

Chassis: 17.5" x 10". Designed for relay rack mounting. 

Panel: 19" x 8.75". 

Used during the most volatile period of the 20th Century (1935-1945), the RME69 saw service around the world.

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