No 10 Crystal Calibrator Frequency Meter

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No 10 Crystal Calibrator Frequency Meter

The Calibrator, Crystal, No. 10, was designed primarily for the purpose of setting  up a Wireless Set No. 62 accurately on a required spot frequency.

The calibrator functions as a C.W. wavemeter with continuous coverage over a nominal frequency band of 1.5 Mc/s to 10 Mc/s.

The calibrator power supplies are obtained from the socket engraved XTAL CAL on the Wireless Set No. 62.

The following facilities are available

(1) Selector switch in “ 500 Kc/s” position.
A crystal controlled oscillator which provides fixed frequency signals of 500 Kc/s and all harmonics of 500 Kc/s to beyond 10 Mc/s.

(2) Selector switch in DIAL “position.
In addition to the 500 Kc/s oscillator, a second and variable oscillator (250 Kc/s—600 Kc/s) is brought into circuit.
This enables all intermediate frequencies between 500 Kc /s and 10 Mc/s to be produced these frequencies are indicated on a calibrated dial on the front panel.

For identification purposes, the calibrator signal is modulated at about one cycle per second by means of a neon tube.

The output from the calibrator is taken from the terminal engraved AERIAL on the front panel.

2. Description

The calibrator is contained in a metal case (7 ins x 7 1/2 ins x 4 ins which has a protective rail around the front panel.

The instrument, together with connecting leads, may be carried in a Satchels Signal No: 1T or No. 1.

When in use the calibrator may be placed in any convenient position, or may be rigidly attached to the Wireless Set No. 62 by means of a webbing strap.

Waterproof gaskets permit the equipment to be used under extreme conditions of humidity and spray.

A desiccator may be fitted to ensure that the inside of the calibrator is maintained in a dry condition.

The selector switch on the front panel has three positions : -

(1) OFF

(2) 500 Kc/s—to select the 500 Kc/s crystal controlled oscillator alone.

(3) DIAL— to select the 250 Kc/s to 500 Kc/s variable oscillator and the 500 Kc/s crystal controlled oscillator together.

When the selector switch is in the DIAL position, both oscilators are in circuit.
The frequency of the variable oscillator may be adjusted by a front panel control which also rotates a calibrated dial.

The engraved figures on this dial indicate the first and second decimal places of the frequency in megacycles to which the calibrator has been set.

Four marks between adjacent figures on the dial enable the third decimal place of the frequency in megacycles to be read, i.e. these latter marks are2Kc/s apart.

3. Frequency range

(1) 500 Kc/s to 10 Mc /s—by 500 Kc/s increments.

(2) Continuous 1.5 Mc/s to 10Mc/s (nominal).

The calibrator may actually be used up to 30 Mc/s.

4. Power supply and consumption

The calibrator is connected by Connectors 3 point No. 67 to the 3 point socket marked XTAL CAL at the bottom right-band corner of the Wireless Set No. 62.
This supplies the calibrator with 12 volts D.C. and 300 volts D.C.


Calibrator switched to 500 Kc/s - 10 mA H.T.

Calibrator switched to DIAL - 15 mA H.T.

L.T. - 0.3 A.

5. Controls

(1) Selector switch: 3 way; OFF—500 Kc/s—DIAL.

(2) Frequency control: frequency indicated on rotating dial.

(3) Power plug: 3-point.

(4) AERIAL: Output terminal.

(5) EARTH: Terminal.
There is also a 3 wire power connector (Connector 3 point No. 67) and a screened lead (Connector Twin No. 321) to take the calibrator output to the aerial terminal of the Wireless Set No. 62.
These are stowed in a Satchel Signals No. 1T or No. 1.

6. Weights and dimensions

Weight: 5 lbs.

Dimensions (overall) : 7 ins. x 7 1/2 ins. x 4 ins.

Xtal_calibrator No 10.jpg (20028 bytes)

Calibrator No 10 gen view.jpg (19512 bytes)

Calibrator No 10 dial.jpg (28825 bytes)

The Manual Contains the Following


1. Purpose and facilities.
2. Description 
3. Frequency range
4. Power Supply and Consumption
5. Controls 
6. Weights and dimensions


7. Connecting up
8. Setting up the Wireless Set No. 62
9. Using the Calibrator


10. General
11. Suggested daily tasks
12. The Desiccator
13. Removal of chassis 
14. Valves
15. Fault location 
Fault Finding Table



Fig. I. Calibrator, Crystal, No. 10—General View
Fig. 2. Dial of calibrator
Fig. 3. Internal view of calibrator
Fig. 4. Circuit diagram of calibrator

Manual Circuit and
Operation Instructions
available Details Below
As a Download

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No 10 Crystal Calibrator Frequency Meter
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Working Instructions contain 21 pages including Circuits Component lists and Layouts.

Manual 21 A4 pages worldwide

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