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I require the following parts : -

 I am only looking for the items listed below so "please" "please"
 Do not offer anything else Thank You : )


For a Walters 101 or 303 tape recorder.

The pinch wheel or a scrap machine with a good pinch wheel

The original microphone insert or the complete microphone with the correct high output crystal insert.

For a Grundig TK1 Tape Recorder.

The original TK1 microphone

The Grundig badge from the lid.

The two pieces of metal trim from the volume or selector switch knob, or the volume or selector switch knob, or a scrap machine.

I can offer in exchange an item of service data or a service manual.
But Please Check First
To see if we have the Service data or manual you are looking for.
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Only if the data you require is listed and you have one of the parts I am looking for.
Or if not you can state a price you would require for the part.
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