Racal Frequency Counter Type 835

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Racal Frequency Counter Type 835

The 835 Universal Counter is a lightweight compact instrument for use in laboratory and workshop.

It is designed to facilitate mainly the measurement of frequency, ratio, period average, single and double line time interval and totalize.

To operate over a wide a.c. supply range, of low power requirements and to give maximum accuracy over the whole of the operational temperature range.

The instrument employs solid-state techniques throughout, being hybrid in construction in that it incorporates digital and linear integrated circuit modules with discrete transistors.

The majority of components are mounted on plug-in printed circuit boards.

The polaroid screened display is a sit digit in-line system of cold cathode numerical indicators with a decimal point, this being positioned according to the scale and function selected.

The display time is variable and the instrument incorporates a “sample and hold” system.

Two signal inputs are provided: A channel and B channel, these being available as two front panel mounted b.n. c. sockets.

Both these channels have positive / negative trigger slope selection for providing the choice of trigger edge.

The instrument incorporates a high stability oven-controlled crystal standard as an integral part, a buffered output waveform of this internal standard frequency is available at a b. n. c. socket at the rear of the instrument.

An external standard may be fed into this same socket if required, bearing in mind that the accuracy of the standard used will have a direct bearing on the precision of timing and frequency measurements.

The time -base is manually variable over seven decades, a buffered and gated output waveform of the selected time-base is available at a further b. n. c. socket at the rear of the instrument for external synchronizing purposes.

Optional binary-coded decimal outputs may be added to provide
data for external devices, such as data logging, print-out and
remote display equipment.

These outputs are available at a 50-way socket mounted at the rear of the instrument.

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The Manual Contains the Following :-



General Description and Simplified Block Diagram
Preparation for Use and Operating Procedure 
Principles of Operation
Technical Description. 
Amplifier Trigger Assembly (19-0123) 
Time Base and Control Assembly (19-0120)
Readout and Display Assemblies (11-0172)
Power Supply Assembly (11-0170) 

Dismantling and Re-Assembly 
Instrument Check-Out Procedure
Power Supply Check

Panel, Front Mounting Assembly 
Power Unit Assembly - Model 4
Main Chassis Assembly
Readout Decade Assemby
Readout Decade Board Assembly
Time Base and Control Assembly
Amplifier Trigger Assembly 
Stabilised Power Assembly. 

Power Supply Assembly Circuit
Readout Decade Assembly Circuit
Readout Decade Board Layout
Time Base and Control Assembly Layout
Amplifier Trigger Assembly Layout
Amplifier Trigger Assembly Circuit 
Stabilised Power Supply Assembly Layout

Schematic Diagram

Racal Counter 835 2.jpg (23094 bytes)

Manual Circuit and
Operation Instructions
Details Below
As a Download

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Racal Frequency Counter Type 835
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual containing 99 pages including the Circuits with Component lists and layouts.

Manual 99 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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