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TCS 12 TCS12 Transmitter 52245 Receiver 46159 TCS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

TCS 12 TCS12 Transmitter 52245 Receiver 46159

The TCS series of transmitters and receivers were designed and originally built for the US Navy by the American Collins Company, though later several other manufactures also built them.

The series was numbered consecutively TCS1 to TCS14. The US Navy numbered them COL-52245 for the transmitter and COL-46159 for the receiver.
The numbers prefixing the Navy number is a code denoting the manufacturer, eg COL Collins CHI Hamilton.

They were supplied to the US Navy for duties similar to the British W/S19, e.g. / P and / M  from tanks, trucks and similar vehicles.

The TCS was also used as an emergency radio aboard merchant ships.

Although intended to work as a single inter-connected unit, the transmitter and receiver are in fact physically separate.

Transmitter 52245

The transmitter consists of a VFO / Buffer - Doubler / PA with an integral push-pull modulator, there is provision for four switched crystals as an alternative to the VFO.

Frequency Coverage

1.5 to12.0 Mc/s in 3 bands.
Band 1 : - 1.5 to 3.0 Mc/s.
Band 2 : - 3.0 to 6.0 Mc/s.
Band 3 : - 6.0 to 12.0 Mc/s.

When used in conjunction with its receiver the TCS transmitter has full "push-to-talk" or "break-in" facilities.

Power Supply

The power requirements for the transmitter are : -

HT (1) 400 volts DC at 200 mA
HT (2) 220 volts DC at 40 mA
LT12 volts AC/DC at 2.5 amps
Relay supply 12 volts DC at 1 amp.

TCS12 TX.jpg (30235 bytes)

The Transmitter runs approx 35 watts input on phone and 80 watts on CW.

The Modulator

The TCS  had an incorporated modulator, it consists of a pair of 1625's operating in class B push-pull, modulating the PA on plate and screen via the transformer.

There is no pre-amplifier, the 1625's being driven direct from the microphone transformer, which is designed to work with a carbon-button microphone of about 100 ohms.

Auto-bias and the energizing voltage for the microphone develops across a resistor.

The "Emission Selector" switch cuts the heater volts from the parallel PA valve when placed in the "Voice" position, it also switches on the heaters of the two modulator valves .

TC12 RX.jpg (28506 bytes)

It also places the modulator valves on the HT rail via a relay contact, though no HT will be available until the push-to-talk switch is closed and the relay applies the HT.

When the transmitter is switched to the CW condition, the modulator valves have neither HT nor heater volts applied, it follows therefore that when changing from one function to another, time must be allowed for the heaters to warm up.

All supplies to the transmitter are fed through a 16-pin Cannon plug.

Receiver 46159

This is the companion receiver to the transmitter mentioned above, the Frequency range is identical.

The size, panel layout and construction are very similar to the transmitter (52245).

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TCS Full Manual
Transmitter and Receiver 

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TCS Receiver Faults
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The Receiver 46159 is a conventional seven valve superhet, the valve run is as follows

Mixer, 12SA7
Osc., 12A6
1st IF, 12SK7
2nd IF,12SK7
Det / BFO, 12SQ7
Audio, 12A6.

The IF is 455 kc/s, it will be seen from this that the receiver has a separate oscillator valve.

On the front panel will be found a switch marked "Oscillator Selector" and one of four crystals can be used as an alternative to the IF oscillator.

The crystals are ground to be 455 kc/s above the signal frequency (it spot tunes the receiver).

Other controls on the front panel are : -

HT on /off
BFO on /off
CW pitch
RF gain /AVC on/off
LF gain
Band-switch and the main tuning control.

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TCS Full Manual
Transmitter and Receiver
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TCS Receiver Faults
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When the BFO is on, the AVC is inoperative.

The power and control circuits from the transmitter arrive via a twelve-pin Cannon plug, Type GK-12-23.5 AC.

Though designed to work in conjunction with the TCS transmitter
(52245), the receiver with the exception of the power supply is self contained.

The receiver is muted during transmission by cutting off the HT to the screens of the RF and IF valves.
A relay in the transmitter switches the HT from the exciter to the receiver screens when the push-to talk switch, or the CW key is open.

The relay rests in the receive position.


The carbon button microphone will modulate the transmitter to about 80%.
So much  for the two major units of the TCS equipment, apart from the Rx / Tx as described, there were several power supplies made for the series.

These are rather rare (particularly the 230v AC mains unit).


  • TCS Auxiliary Equipment    US Navy No

    416T-3 Dynamotor   12v DC input  21770
  • 416T-4 Dynamotor   12v DC input  211035
  • 416T-4 Dynamotor   12v DC input  21881
  • Motor Generator       24v DC input  21826
  • Motor Generator       32v DC input  21775
  • Motor Generator     115v DC input  21776
  • Motor Generator     115v AC input  21777
  • Motor Generator     230v DC input  21827
  • Rectifier Unit           115v AC input  20218
  • Rectifier Unit           230v AC input  20242

Full Manuals with
Circuits available
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TCS Full Manual
Transmitter and Receiver
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TCS Additional Articles  
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TCS Receiver Faults
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TCS Receiver Faults 

My TCS Receiver had been stored for years unused, I replaced the following components I think for crackling noises, it was a while ago.

C205 100pf
C218 50pf
C220 100pf
C230 500pf
C229 I reduced it to 1000pf from 2000pf something to do with the BFO pitch.

I also replaced the following resistors on the BFO just in case as it was intermittent.

R222 220k
R221 220k
R229 470k

The only modification I did was to add a 25mfd to the un-decoupled cathode of the audio output valve V207, to increase the volume.
It will now drive a speaker at good volume : )

Good Luck Allen G0RIT

List of Manufacturers By Code Designation

Allen-Bradley Company
118 W. Greenfield Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Arrow-Hart & Hegeman Co.,
108 Hawthorne Street
Hartford, Connecticut.

Breeze Corp., Inc.
18 to 38 South Sixth Street
Newark, New Jersey.

Bussmann Mfg. Company
2538 W. University St.,
St. Louis, Missouri.

Cannon Electrical Devel. Co.,
420 W. Avenue 33
Los Angeles, California.

Centralab, Inc.,
900 East Keefe
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Central Screw Company
3511 Shields Avenue
Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Transformer Corp.,
3501 West Addison
Chicago, Illinois.

Collins Radio Company
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Communications Products, Inc.
245 Custer Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey.

Cornell-Dubilier Electric Corp.,
1000 Hamilton Blvd.,
South Plainfield, New Jersey.

1333 West St. Paul Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Eicor, Inc.,
1060 W. Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois.

Fischer Special Mfg. Company
2729 Morgan Street
Cincinnati, Ohio.
General Ceramics Company
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York.

General Electric Company
Schenectady, New York.

Guardian Electric Mfg. Co.,
1620-27 W. Walnut Street
Chicago, Illinois.

Hammarlund Mfg. Company
424 W. 33rd Street
New York, New York.

Harvey Hubbell, Inc.,
1930 Thomas Street
Bridgeport, Connecticut.

International Resistance Co.,
1100 Terminal Commerce Bldg.,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

International Telephone Devel. Co., Inc.,
137 Varick Street
New York, New York.

Isolantite Corporation
10 Park Place
New York, New York.

Jensen Radio Mfg. Company
6601 5. Laramie Avenue
Chicago, Illinois.

E. F. Johnson Company
Waseca, Minnesota.

Leach Relay Company
5915 Avalon Street
Los Angeles, California.

Littelfuse Laboratories
4765 Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, Illinois.

Lord Manufacturing Company
1639 W. 12th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania.

National Company, Inc.,
Malden, Massachusetts.

Ohmite Mfg. Company
4837 Flournoy Street
Chicago, Illinois.
Paper Products
DeWitt, Iowa.

Pheoll Mfg. Company
5708 Roosevelt Road
Chicago, Illinois.

Russell Electric Company
340 W. Huron
Chicago, Illinois.

Sangamo Electric Co.,
1935 Funk Street
Springfield, Illinois.

Shakeproof Lock Washer Co.,
2573 N. Keeler Avenue
Chicago, Illinois.

Signal Electric Mfg. Company
1939 Troam Street
Menominee, Michigan.

Simplex Wire & Cable Co.,
79 Sidney Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Solar Manufacturing Corporation
Bayonne, New Jersey.

Speer Resistor Corporation
St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania.

Telephonics, Corporation
350 W. 31st Street
New York, New York.

Thordarson Electric Mfg. Company
Huron & Kingsbury Streets
Chicago, Illinois.

Weston Electrical Inst. Corp.
619 Frelinghuysen Ave.
Newark, New Jersey.

Wrought Washer Manufacturing Co..,
2105 South Bay Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

X-L Radio Laboratories
420 W. Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois.


Connectors for the TCS Series and other radios are available at a price from the company below.

This information was kindly forwarded by Mr. Michael Starke

Hello Allen,
In the UK these plugs are being sold by PEI-Genesis, 
You want to contact Duncan Loveridge,  
Phone: 08707-202 560

The connectors are available in two basic versions straight and angled.
In addition to that you can have them in 2 variations for the cable thickness 1/2" & 5/8".

The cheapest  is BPS 35.94 for the straight 5/8 version angled this is BPS 46.95
For the 1/2" version you will have to pay in an angled design BPS 51.16. and BPS 37.11 for the straight version.

Regards to Alanna,- my wife is not quite different, but we are not discussions shoes here nor the number of radios a man needs....

Best regards.
Michael Starke

Update By Michael 

As for the power-plug for the TCS units I found another source: 
Price: $25.00 plus $10.00 shipping cost.

The TCS Transmitter and Receiver Manual

I can supply a high quality scanned copy of the original Collins TCS manual
covering both the transmitter, receiver, various power supplies and cables etc.

The Transmitter and Receiver sections of the manual are integrated, therefore
it is not possible to separate them.

The Manual includes all the Circuit Diagrams in some 172 A4 pages, containing the following : - 

Index to Illustrations 
Index to drawings 
General Characteristics 
Transmitter Characteristics 
Receiver Characteristics 
Power Supply Equipment 
Adjustments and Operation 
Circuit Description 
Maintenance and Service 
Typical Performance Data 
Voltage Readings 
List of Major Units 
Parts List by Symbol Designation 
Applicable Colour Codes 
Valve Data 
Top Open 
Bottom Open 
Left Side 
Left End Casting Inside 
Exciter Top and Bottom 
Crystal Bracket Assembly Top and Bottom 
Exciter Plate Tank Top 
Front Panel Inside 
Capacitor Assembly Front and End 
Left End 
Right End 
Rear Open 
RF Assembly Side 
Converter Assembly Side 
Oscillator Assembly Side 
RF Chassis Top and Bottom 
IF Bottom 3 Views 
BFO Bottom View 
Various Power Units 14 Views 
Remote Control Top and Rear Open 
Loading Coil Front Closed Front Open 
Index of Drawings 
Block Diagram 
Horizontal and Vertical Layout 
Control Unit Layout 
Various Power Unit Layouts 4 
Transmitter Circuit Diagram 
Receiver Circuit Diagram 
Control Unit Circuit 
Handset Circuit 
Power Unit Circuits 4 
Transmitter Power Cable Circuit 
Remote Control Cable Circuit 
Loading Coil Connections 
TX and RX Oscillator Circuits 
Practical Wiring Diagrams 7 
Master Oscillator Coil 
TX Coil 2 
Buffer Coil 
Stator Coil 
Rotor Coil 
Variable Inductance Coil 
Antenna Coil 3 
Converter Coil 3 
Oscillator Coil 3

It is very comprehensive and gives all the relevant information to renovate operate and maintain the TCS Transmitter and Receiver.

Also Available

The TCS Transmitter and Receiver Additional Articles 33 pages.

The TCS Transmitter Receiver Assembly Notes on Design Construction and Amateur Band Applications.

Modifying the TCS Transmitter
Removal of Power Connecter and Relays, Modified VFO Buffer Doubler HT Wiring, Keying and Protective Bias for PA, Modulator Addition of Driver Stage.

Modifying the TCS Transmitter
Speech Pre - Amplifier, TVI Factor, Operation and Results.

Two More Bands on the TCS
Modifications for Twenty and Fifteen.

Some Modifications for the TCS Receiver
Fitting Band spread, Selectivity Improvements, Separate RF and IF Gain Controls, Valve Changes.

Back Comes the TCS Some Useful References.

The Collins TCS Series Remembered
The Transmitter, The Receiver, Servicing, Power Source Operation Debugging, 240 volt AC for the TCS TX RX
( Includes circuit of home constructed power supply. ) 

Valved Communications Receivers The Collins TCS
General Description, Circuit in Detail, External Power Supply Requirements, If Alignment,
Radio Frequency Alignment, Suggested Modifications.

A home constructed Power Supply for the TCS Transmitter and Receiver.
( It includes the suggested power supply circuit diagram with Component Values. )

TCS Transmitter and Receiver
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Cost of the Full Manual 172 pages covering the Transmitter, Receiver, various Power supplies and Cables etc,  including Circuit Diagrams.
Manual 172 pages worldwide

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Articles for the TCS Transmitter and Receiver
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Articles 33 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Total 205 Pages

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We do all we can to provide the very best that is available for you.
But in the unlikely event that any data should not be as you expected.
A refund is always available. Kind Regards Allen and Alanna.

Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

Thank you for your interest. Allen and Alanna G0RIT
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