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The Ferrograph a dream to own, this model the (4A) had 2 speeds 3 3\4 and 7 1\2 ins per second, 2 track, a very reliable quality machine. In later years the capstan motor can be a problem the windings burning out, I do not remember this trouble in the Ferrograph's hey day.

If any one out there has a spare motor, I should love to hear from you. This particular machines motor has just gone up in smoke being a replacement itself.   

Ferograph 1.jpg (24451 bytes)

Series 6 3speeds 1 7\8 3 3\4 7 7\8 inches per second 2 track, the speed audio  equalization was adjusted with a separate switch on this later model.

Ferograph 2.jpg (22091 bytes)

An early Grundig model TK5, 2 track complete with Grundig tape, even with a top end cut off of round 8 kc\s it still sounds good, single speed 3 3\4 inches per second.

Grundig 1.jpg (23495 bytes)

The Grundig TK1  2 track, an early portable tape recorder 2 x U11 batteries to power the amplifier and U2's for the single motor. The motor power could also be supplied by an external 6 volt supply to a special socket on the side. The tape speed was 3 3\4 in per second, standard with most recorders of that time. The slot behind the speaker grill was to store the microphone. Input and output sockets for radio recording and playback. Old fashion now but a wonder at the time round mid  60's.

Grundig 2.jpg (32613 bytes)

The TK 25 was a 2 track single speed 3 3\4 inches per second machine, a later version looking basically the same but with a lighter colour case had four tracks, this was the TK 24.

Grundig 3.jpg (27422 bytes)

Philips EL3549 using all transistors 5 speeds 15 16ths 1 7\8 3 3\4 7 1\2 inches per second, 4 track super quality very reliable, still going strong.

Philips 1.jpg (25455 bytes)

"This is a Walters 101 tape recorder" or so the demo tape said that came with my machine.

It was the cheapest tape recorder on the market born out by the fact that in I think 12 months Walters went out of business.

But it was my first tape recorder and as so I loved it.

It spent more time in bits than working as the mechanics were terrible, the record play head went o/c in the end and with Walters bankrupt no spares were available.
So up to Lisle Street we went, that is my friend Owen and me.

Walters 303.jpg (30011 bytes)

The only head I could get was for  a Ferrograph, a lot of drilling and botching and it worked, the head cover would no longer fit so we left it off.

The Microphone also went faulty, most likely from being repeatedly dropped, it must have been a special high output crystal as nothing else would give enough drive unless you shouted in to it.

We got round this by using a loud speaker with it's output transformer as a mike, loads of gain and not bad quality if you kept the speaker out of it's cabinet.

Happy days, the machine to the right is a 303 the next model up but basically the same, amazingly this one is original and apart from replacing a few capacitors works perfectly.

Walters 303 Deck.jpg (25463 bytes)

I have Trader, ERT service sheets and manufactures manuals for a number of tape recorders, including the machines on this page. 

Prices from 3.50 up to 11 plus post and packing.

Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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