Telequipment Oscilloscope S31 S31R

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Telequipment S31 S31R Oscilloscope

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The 3” flat faced tube operates at 1,400 Volts, giving an extremely bright fine trace over the whole of the working area (5cms x 5cms). A P1 phosphor is normally supplied but a long persistence tube is available if specified.

A green filter improves the contrast under conditions of high ambient light.


The four stage, balanced, D.C. coupled amplifier drives the deflector plates through output cathode followers. The amplifier is compensated for optimum pulse response with no overshoot and has a bandpass of 6 Mc/s (-3dB-). The rise time is about .06 usec.

The nine position input attenuator is frequency compensated and gives sensitivities of l00mV, 500mV, 1V, 2V, 5V, 1OV, 20V, & 50V, per centimetre.

The preset gain control standardises the sensitivity against an internally generated 1 volt p.p. square wave.

The input impedance is 1 Meg ohm, shunted by about 3Opf.


A 1 volt p.p. square wave, stabilised against line voltage variations is available at a connector of the front panel.


The sweep generator is a Miller run—down circuit giving excellent linearity. Eighteen pre-set sweep speeds are provided, from 1 sec per cm, down to .5 sec per cm, in 1, 2, 5, 10, etc. multiples. Slower speeds, down to about 3 seconds can be obtained by adjusting the SET SPEED control to the bottom end of its range.

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Maintenance Manual with
Circuits and
Operation Instructions available
Details Below
As a Download

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Telequipment S31 S31R Oscilloscope
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.
The Manual contain 31 pages including Circuits Component lists and Layouts
31 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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