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1940 style domestic Telephone still worked on the Mullion exchange last time I tried it, but  have to unplug the Onetel box as this does not like pulse dialing.

Old Phone 1.jpg (22958 bytes)

This version has the call exchange button, as far as I can remember this was for party lines.

Old Phone 3.jpg (24831 bytes)

Ships internal phone system, note the clamp on handset for rough weather.

Old Phone 4.jpg (23636 bytes)

Office internal phone with multiple department buttons.

Old Phone 7.jpg (45526 bytes)

Line Telephone Set Type J YA 7815 used a hand crank internal generator to call the remote station and batteries to power the carbon mike, mostly military use.

Old Phone 5.jpg (36681 bytes)

Outer View of above.

Old Phone 6.jpg (30973 bytes)

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